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Dear Sir,
I just recently found the website and noticed that there was some information missing concerning the career of Albert Edward Argue.


I am the owner of a property in Tobermory, Ontario, that used to be a Marconi wireless station.  The station began operations in July of 1912 and the first operator was A. E. Argue.  He remained in that position until the spring of 1915 when he was transferred to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  A few years ago I interviewed the son of the second operator and as a child he remembered Mr. Argue just before he left for the east coast.  I have a few old photos of the period and looking at your website photo of Mr. Argue I notice a likeness to person in one of the photos that I have.
If you would like to communicate by return Email I would be more than happy to share the details of the period in which Mr. Argue was in Tobermory.
Arthur Amos

18 March 2016



Anything you can send us will be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you on behalf of

Best regards

Donald Courcy

18 March 2016



Hi Donald;
I'm glad you are interested in the history of old Marconi stations that were installed throughout the navigable waterways of Canada.  A couple of years ago I got permission to go through the Marconi records in Ottawa.  I was looking for information on the day to day existence of the operators and the routines that they followed concerning the ship to shore messaging  However, most of the files were focussed on the head office business meetings in Montreal.  They were interesting enough and on odd occasion Marconi himself would be there usually to clear up some particular problem.  On the plus side, I did manage to get copies of the maps of the whole system of stations from the east coast right through to the upper lakes.  I don't know if you already have the system set up but if you don't I would be glad to send you copies if I could get an address of where to send them.
The following photo is of the Tobermory wireless station circa 1913 with the two 185' masts clearly visible on either side of the station and staff residence.

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The next photo is of A. E. Argue ( identified by the second operator's son who I interviewed in 1984 ) with Captain Clark who was in charge of the military detachment sent there to guard the station during WW1.  I assume that the lady in the photograph is Mrs. Argue but of that I'm not too sure.


The next photo it looks like Argue possibly with one of the other operators.


In both photos they are located on the front porch of the staff residence.  I have a few photos of the military on parade which I could forward to you also.
Art Amos

19 March 2016



Below are more photos received from Arthur Amos


Wireless set built by Albert Edward Argue at the Tobermory Wireless Station in 1912-1913

Wireless set built by Albert Edward Argue at the Tobermory Wireless Station in 1912-1913

Wireless set built by Albert Edward Argue at the Tobermory Wireless Station in 1912-1913

Military detachment stationed at the Tobermory Wireless Station during World War 1.

In the background you can see the operator's station.


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