A History of the Canadian Ionospheric Work

by Carl Robinson

( thanks to Bill Wilson )


from personnal correspondance:


... Carl Robinson was a good technician and I wish he were here today to see his article on our website. I remember, in the years before he retired, his processing, at the Radio Regs Engineering Lab, the ionosphere sounding data received daily from Canada's ionosphere sounding stations and sending the processed data to our Communications Research Centre at Shirley Bay and also to the Central Radio Propagation Laboratory at Boulder Colorado for CRPL to develop their propagation forecasts for worldwide use....


... as far as Canada was concerned, by the time Carl retired, our use of radio frequencies above 30 MHz for communications had declined to about maybe 5% of our total frequency usage.  Shortly before I retired, I made that observation to one of my enginering staff and his reply was, < Bill, you are all wet. It is down to 2% ...


William J. (Bill) Wilson

May 2006

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A History of Canadian Ionospheric Work by Carl Robinson


Some time lines about the Ionospheric work at Resolute from John Gilbert