Appointments of Bud Hoodspith and Bill Wilson


R. D. (Bud) Hoodspith, former director of the DOC Ontario Regional Office, has been appointed Director-General of Telecommunications Services at DOC head office in Ottawa. In his new position he is responsible for the management of the radio frequency spectrum in Canada. This entails the administration and enforcement of the Radio Act, including the Amateur regulations.


Bud is a VE5 native from Carnduff, Saskatchewan and has had a long communications career in the military, from 1935 to 1957. Some amateurs might remember him as OC of the radar and communications school at Clinton, Ontario, which he held for five years. Before joining DOC as Regional Director in 1971, his business experience included positions with the National Research Council, the Defence Research Board and MIT's research agency and as general manager and vice-president of marketing for ITT in Canada.


W. J. (Bill) Wilson, VE3NR, has left as Director General of the Telecommunications Services Branch to establish a unit of the DOC National Telecommunications Branch which will develop policy for spectrum management.


Bill, who is well-known to Canadian amateurs involved with amateur organizations, began his engineering career with Northern Electric in Montreal, but has been in federal government communications work since 1947, when he joined the Marine Radio Service of the Department of Transport. Bill's experience in representing Canada at many international radio conferences and shaping Canadian policy in the International Telecommunications Union will serve him in good stead in his new position. When the Department of Communications was established in 1969 he became Director of the Telecommunications Regulations Branch (now the Telecommunications Services Branch), where his co-operation and interest in Amateur matters were much appreciated by the fraternity.


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