Dorothy Swain


Joined Corrections Canada in 1979. Transferred to Industry Canada Spectrum Management in 1996. Retired from Industry Canada Spectrum Management in 2004.

A rejoint le Service correctionnel du Canada en 1979. Transféré à Industrie Canada Gestion du spectre en 1996. Retraité d'Industrie Canada Gestion du spectre en 2004.











Dorothy Swain Retires

By: Laurna Thede


2004 - After 25 years of work in the public service, Dorothy Swain has retired. 


She started her career with the Federal Government working at Corrections Canada. In Dorothy’s own words, “I was at the Regional Psychiatric Centre as a CR-2. They cured me and sent me to Matsqui Institution as a CR-3. I was let out on parole two years later then became a SCY-3 to the District Director for a few years.


After that I spent about four months at the Day Parole Centre then donned the uniform of a prison guard.” She spent seven years in uniform at Matsqui Institution in the Fraser Valley, then moved to the Cariboo. 

She and her husband, Denis, bought a ranch near Lac La Hache where they built a log home and raised horses. Shortly after relocating to the Cariboo, Dorothy came to work in Prince George at Corrections Canada Parole office as a term CR-3.


It was during her work term with Corrections that the Prince George district office of Industry Canada staffed a clerical position that had been vacated by the retirement of Val Callaway. Dorothy was the successful candidate.


She started her tenure with Industry Canada in February of 1996. For a few years Dorothy lived in Prince George during the week and commuted to Lac La Hache on weekends. She and Denis eventually sold the ranch and moved to Prince George.

Dorothy quickly became an essential part of the Prince George team. Her love of people soon had her answering phones and chatting with clients coming into the office. Her laugh was infectious and even the grumpiest customer left with a smile on his face. She took on the duties of Floor Fire Warden, Health & Safety Officer, took her turn at radio licensing and finance, but she preferred people contact and graduated back to answering phones and chatting with clients coming into the office.


Dorothy was an energetic member of the Regional Sales Force and spent many hours arranging trade show exhibits and working the Industry Canada booths.

One of the brightest stars in Dorothy’s crown is probably the TAS Retreat she organized and facilitated in Edmonton in February of 2000. In late 1999, what started as an idea during a coffee break blossomed into a conference for all TAS (Technical/Administrative Specialist) staff in the Pacific Region. She obtained input and agreement from all the participants, came up with a plan, then took her plan to Penny Stratas. After some careful consideration, Penny gave the idea her blessing. The retreat was a huge success. 

To honour Dorothy’s career in the public service, a dinner was hosted by her co-workers in Prince George on June 12th. She was pleasantly surprised when her daughters and their families, and close friends from both Quesnel and the Fraser Valley arrived to join the celebration. John Nosotti was the Master of Ceremonies and presented Dorothy with a parting gift: three prints by Sue Coleman. For all who know Dorothy, it is not difficult to envision the laughter and good humour that spilled out the doors of the restaurant.

Dorothy’s plans for the future include selling her house in Prince George and moving once again. This time to Kamloops where the weather is mild and she can be closer to her family and long-time friends. I even heard her say she would like to take up golf like many other retirees. 

It is with fond memories that we say good-bye to a lady who has touched each one of us in her own special way.


Pictures on the left are from Dorothy's Retirement Party!



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October 1997 - Spectrum Management Training - Prince George, British Columbia

Octobre 1997 - Formation dans la gestion du spectre - Prince George, Colombie Britannique