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I graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1967 with a Diploma of Technology in electronics.


Hired by the Department of Transport at graduation and was posted to Sandspit Marine/Air for the summer. In the fall I was transferred to the Victoria Ship Electronics Workshop and did the electronic maintenance on the Coast Guard vessels, both ashore and at sea. At that time the shop was responsible for all the radio beacons and lighthouse radio equipment on Vancouver Island. The shop, under the Telecom Area Manager, also included Victoria Airport, Tofino Airport and Victoria Radio.


Did voyages on the weather ships and icebreakers.


In 1975 I won the Marine Maintenance Officer competition and commuted weekly to the Vancouver Regional Office. During this time the Vessel Traffic and Loran C was installed along the coast and the position I held was kept busy ensuring the systems met standards.


In the late 1970's the Coast Guard become a separate entity and I transferred into that organization. In 1980 I returned to the Victoria shop and carried on with maintenance work as before. About that time the Victoria Shop lost some of its work to the new NavCanada organization which was now operating the electronics at the airports.


I did several tours of duty to Hay River and Inuvik, plus a few more arctic and weather ship trips. By 1985 personal computer equipment was becoming more common and I started spending more time working as a support tech in that area. Eventually I was responsible for all the IT gear on the base and at sea, some 250 machines and associated email, sql and storage servers.


In the summer of 2001 I retired as a regional office supervisor (the title of which I've forgotten!).

Frank Statham at Inuvik in 1990

Frank Statham at Inuvik in 1994

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