Patrick (Pat) Carrey



Joined the Department of Communications (DOC) as a Radio Inspector in 1975. Retired from the Public Service in 2018.

A rejoint le Ministère des Communications (MDC) en tant qu'inspecteur radio en 1975. Retraité de la fonction publique en 2018.


( The following material was submitted by Mike Connolly on 10 October 2018 )

Patrick (Pat) Carrey

Career Path

1975 – 1978        Radio Inspector, Toronto District Office, DOC

1978 – 1980        Frequency Selection and EMC Specialist, Toronto District Office, DOC

1980 – 1983        Supervisor Authorization, Ottawa District Office, DOC

1983 – 1984        Chief of Spectrum Control, Spectrum Management Operations, DOC HQ

1984 – 1989        Chief of Authorization, Spectrum Management Operations, DOC HQ

1989 – 1994        Manager Terrestrial Services, Spectrum Management Operations, DOC HQ

1994 – 1995        Senior Technical Analyst, Information Highway Advisory Council, IC Ottawa

1995 – 1998        Manager Wireless Networks, Spectrum Management Operations, IC HQ

1998 – 2001        Manager Wireless Business Development, Lucent Technologies, Ottawa

2001 – 2004        Wireless Telecommunications Consultant, Ottawa

2004 – 2018       Senior Policy Advisor - Wireless Services, Telecommunications Policy Branch



In late 1974 Glen Worsnop, DOC District Manager in Kitchener, along with counterparts from the Department of Transport and the Public Service Commission came to Cambrian College in Sudbury to interview third year electronic technology students for positions as Radio Inspector trainees in the Ontario Region. It was a period of rapid expansion for the DOC and there followed several years of active college recruitment for “TIRLS”, a term used in the government’s contract with IBEW, the union representing members of the Electronics Group, denoting employees hired at the Technical Institute Recruitment Level. TIRLs essentially underfilled the working level EL-04 Radio Inspector positions during a well-defined and structured training program. As a result of the interview at Cambrian Pat Carrey received a job offer and upon graduation he moved to Toronto to work in the Toronto District Office (TDO) under supervisor John Nosotti.


Like the other TIRLs Pat followed a training program designed to move one along a progression through the levels EL-1, 2 and 3 to the “working level” Radio Inspector EL-4. He accompanied Radio Inspectors “on the road” doing inspections and interference work, spent time in authorization learning licensing, learned monitoring in the Spectrum Observation Centre (SOC) and at the Almonte Monitoring Station. See also the “Pounding Brass” anecdote on Mike Connolly’s page: (click here to see anecdote). He came to be a Frequency Selection and EMC Specialist while in TDO.


In 1980 Pat was appointed Supervisor, Authorization in the Ottawa District Office with Hubert Pambrun as Manager and from there he moved to DOC Headquarters as Chief of Spectrum Control in the Spectrum Management Operations Directorate (DOS) headed by Maurice Nunas. He also worked as Chief of Authorization in the same directorate and then Manager of Terrestrial Services starting in 1989.


Around this time Mike Connolly was Director GTA, Ontario Region and had occasion to describe to Pat the emerging concept of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI referred to the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. EDI was of interest because it permitted a transition from a paper-based exchange of business documents to one that is electronic, where organizations would enjoy major benefits such as reduced cost, increased processing speed, reduced errors and improved relationships with partners. Pat immediately recognized the potential that EDI offered to bring efficiencies to the exchange of radio systems information in the cross-border coordination process with the four US agencies involved (FCC, NTIA, FAA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Pat set about promoting the idea and with a team of subject experts from his and other directorates they were able to implement it over a two year period. (See: CANCOORD and USCOORD)


Later in 1994 just after Mike Connolly had become Director, Spectrum Management Operations Mike suggested to Pat that he propose the Common Coordination Data Format project as a candidate for a Distinction Award as part of Technology in Government week. It was a proud moment in October 1994 when Pat, representing the entire development and implementation team, received a Bronze Award at the Gala from the Honourable Art Eggleton, President of the Treasury Board, in the category Building Partnerships.


Receiving the Bronze Distinction Award at the Awards Gala for Technology in Government Week. Treasury Board President Art Eggleton, far left, Pat Carrey far right. October 24, 1994.


Also in 1994 Pat was seconded for several months to the Information Highway Secretariat as a Senior Technical Analyst but he returned to the Spectrum Management Operation Directorate in 1995 just in time to contribute to the landmark PCS comparative licensing process wherein Minister John Manley licensed new entrants Clearnet and Microcell. As such Pat was amongst the recipients of a Deputy Minister Merit Award for excellence from Industry Canada Deputy Minister Kevin Lynch.


Spectrum Management Operation Directorate recipients of a Deputy Minister Merit Award for the PCS Comparative Selection and Licensing Process held in 1995. L-R Peter Hill, Mike Connolly, Diane Gilbert, Pat Carrey, David Bosquet.


Pat stayed in DOS until 1998 as Manager, Wireless Networks where he also was responsible for the conduct of the Local Multi-point Communications Services (LMCS) comparative licensing process.


In 1998 Pat made a bold career move by leaving the Federal Public Service to join Lucent Technologies as Manager of Wireless Business Development. He remained based in Ottawa and he was in frequent contact with various spectrum management staff throughout our sector as well as being active in the Radio Advisory Board of Canada and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. While at Lucent Pat received the Achievers Club Award in 2000 for his contributions to the wireless sales team.


In 2001 with the demise of Lucent Pat transitioned to being an independent wireless telecommunications consultant. He worked on a variety of projects in a variety of places worldwide including Nepal, Niger, Jamaica, Cyprus, Thailand, St. Lucia and Gabon thus sharing his expertise with other administrations in need.


Pat returned to Industry Canada in 2004 joining the Telecommunication Policy Branch in the Spectrum and Radio Policy Directorate (DSRS) as Senior Policy Advisor - Wireless Services. Here he worked on difficult and high profile files such as the conversion of the 2500 MHz band from fixed to mobile and the formulation of the Advanced Wireless Services policy for the auction of 2008.


Over the course of his career, Pat made a lasting impact on the spectrum program through his own staffing efforts. He hired many into DOS from across the country, coaching them and providing opportunities for them to grow thereby positioning the directorate and the program for future challenges. He was a great communicator and was often tagged with handling media inquiries or formulating responses for senior staff and the Minister’s office.


Unfortunately a medical condition forced Pat’s departure from work in 2012. He remained on long term disability leave until his retirement from the Public Service in 2018.

Obituary - Avis de décès

Patrick (Pat) Carrey

1953 - 2018


Pat passed away surrounded by family on April 27, 2018 at the age of 65. He will be dearly missed by his loving wife Gaétane, and his beloved children Jean-Francois (Marie-Pierre), Nicholas (Nadine) and Andrée. Treasured Grand-Pato of Noah, Sacha and Marine. Beloved brother to Michel, Normand (Helen), Raymond (Josée), Maurice (Cathy) and Joanne (Wayne). He leaves in grief many aunts, uncles, brothers-in-law, sisters-in law, nieces, nephews, cousins, and countless friends who will never forget his charmingly funny, generous and affectionate personality.


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