Raymond (Ray) Bourne





Was a Radio Inspector with the Department of Communications

from 1974 to 1980

Had many sucessful careers in land mobile radio communications,

wireless engineering and telecom construction



August 17, 2016


I spent all morning on the site reminiscing the names I remember from way back. I will look up some old pictures I have from the DOC days later and scan them for you.

Just some names and details for now:


Pisch, A.F. (Tony) - was a DM District Manager for DOC in Regina until he passed away in ~1974-75.


MacDonald, I.A.V. (Ian) - RI - was a DM in Yellowknife then was a DM in Regina after Tony.


Searl, Fred - RI - was the supvsr of 'Interference Investigations". Left DOC for DOT ~ 75.


Flatt, Ray - RI - was the supvsr of "Authorization". DM after Ian.


Zasadny, John RO-RI, King, Austin RO-RI, Keim, Terry RO-RI were Radio Inspectors while I was there (74-80). I believe Terry was DM in Yellowknife, before retiring in Sask.


Arguin, Leonard was hired as an RI in 73. Left ~ 1980.


Jones, Tom and myself were hired under the TIRL program in 74 (Technical Institute Recruiting Level program). Tom stayed until retirement in Ottawa. We attended the TIRL training in Wetaskiwin Alberta, I may have a picture somewhere.


Kram, Barry and Shabatoski, Barry were hired under the TIRL program in 75 and attended Wetaskiwin training as well. BK stayed in Regina with DOC. BS moved to Calgary and back to Regina as District Manager.


Nixon, Calvin - RI - in Edmonton office from 74-? I will verify with him when he left DOC.




Tom Jones met his wife while working at DOC. We had 2 hour parking and Tom would rub the chaulk off our tires, he also offered to rub off the tires of a girl from the bank in the same building. They dated and married.


I also met my wife when she briefly worked at our office.


My history brief


1974 - 1980 DOC in Regina.


1980 - 1994 my private company - Land Mobile radio communications SE Saskatchewan. 1994 moved back to Regina, Sk.


1994 - 2000 Ericsson Mobile communications - Engineering - Operations Manager 1998 Moved to Calgary, AB.  


2000 - 2014 Rogers Wireless - Engineering - Network Planning. 2005 moved to Bragg Creek, Alberta.


2014 - 2016 - Summit Telecom - Telecom Construction Manager


I am still married 38 yrs, and I have 3 children (Saskatoon, Sk., Calgary, AB., Cochrane, AB.), one 12 yr old grandchild (Calgary).


I plan to send a formatted document later with some dates verified by my wife and friends.


I should mention that I am also an Amateur radio operator VE6LG, previously VE5FM. My wife, daughter and son -in law are also hams.


Back in the day when I was a Radio Inspector travelling around the province all week, telephone long distance was relatively expensive, so my wife got her certificate and we talked on the 2 meter repeaters at night when I was out of the city.





August 17, 2016

Ray Bourne, VE6LG providing radio communications at a car rally in 2003


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