Harry Allan


Joined the Department of Marine and Fisheries as a Radio Operator in 1928. Retired from the Department of Transport (DOT) in 1966.

Il est entré au ministère de la Marine et des Pêches en tant qu'opérateur radio en 1928. Retraite du ministère des Transports (DOT) en 1966.



Harry V. Allan, regional administrative officer with Vancouver air services, retired in January after 38 years of government service.


Mr. Allan joined the old Department of Marine in 1928 as a radio operator.


He served in the Maritimes and at Fort Churchill before moving to British Columbia to work in the West Coast Marine radio service.


In 1938 he transferred to aviation radio and during World War 2 was involved in developing many aeradio stations on the Prairies and in North Western Canada.


Mr. Allan was appointed district administrative officer at Edmonton in 1948 and in 1955 was transferred to Vancouver as regional administrative officer.


At a dinner held in his honor Mr. Allan was presented by Regional Director Dr. T. G. Howe with several gifts from his coworkers. Mrs. Allan, too, was honored.


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